Old New Year

Congratulations with the most interesting Russian holiday - Old New Year!
(specialy for English speaking friends)

What does it mean "Old New Year"? How New Year can be old? This holiday appeared in 1918 year, when Russia accepted new Gregorian calendar (that everybody use today) but many people and Russian Ortodox Church continued to use old Julian calender and celebrated New Year with a difference of 14 days at January 14. So, today is Old New Year eve! Congratulations!

One more interesting fact. Russian Santa Claus called Ded Moroz (Father Frost) look different as his analog. Classic Santa Claus and Father Frost:

He has a helper granddaughter Snowgirl and have no reindeers.

If you want to support Russian tradition - just make a wish at midnight between January 13 and Janury 14!

* If you found any errors make me know.

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