Stingy Google

Google is scrooge! I have no more opportunity to upload and post photos on Blogger (it uses the space of Picasa). The space for 1Gb is reached... To get some more I need to pay. What? For what I should pay? I'm just wondering is there any space limit in Youtube (another Google service). Is there any limit to post photos on Google+ or Facebook? WHY I have a limit for photos in Google Blogger? It is rediculous! I think it is the reason to move to another blog service. Google! You are VERY stingy guy! 

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  1. Анонимныйноября 25, 2012

    What? WHT?

    Check my accaunt in picasa: the same stupid limit. Luckely I always uploaded photos that was resied so I have enough space for future.

    P.S. Please explain for me meaning of word "meanie" in the first sentense. I couldn't find in dictionary

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