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Travel plans

March 17 - 24 Florida (canoe trip) 25 - 30 Atlanta (brother's conference) April 12-15 St. Louis enrichment seminar May  30 back to Motherland or some more Fayetteville June 2…

Bikes Blues and BBQ (live shot video)

Finally made very old video... September 21-29, 2011 was very noisy in Fayettevillle. You can read about this event on the official web site:  http://www.bikesbluesandbbq.org/


Today I made resume in RESUMUP.COM check it out! I like it very much. http://resumup.com/me/827593

Выборы, выборы, кандидаты... )))

Азиаты Посмотрел накануне выборов теледебаты кандидатов в президенты (России и США). Стало стыдно за Россию... Поливают друг друга грязью, перебивают. Азиаты... Стыд и срам... Дебаты с Ж…

Crystal Bridges HDR Time-lapse video 30 sec

It was made with Canon T2i High Dynamic Range mode every 4 second shot and GoPro camera. Photomatix Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro software. It is totally fresh experience in HDR photography fo…

My first web site

Today I made my first web sites. Nevertheless I used Google templates, I spent much time to set up everything. https://sites.google.com/site/uarkfs/

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