White Rock - the bike and run race (photos, text and videos)

Last Saturday I ride "White Rock" event. It was totally similar to "Hazel Valley Grand Prix", so I knew what to expect. The best thing about this events is that Hazel Valley Ranch guys make it for FREE and provide free (and tasty) food and beverages afterwards. In comparison for 15k run one can pay about 30$. I don't like the idea to pay 30$ for 1,5 hours...You can see legendary hospitality of Hazel Valley Ranch in video.

This is my back. Picture from here: http://www.arkansasoutside.com/2012-white-rock-classic-cycling-

Unfortunately I had been enough stupid to ride with a bad knee after the injury playing soccer a week before. Last ten miles I ride only with left leg. You can see power decrease in graphs.

Garmin eTrex30
Garmin FR60 (wheel size was not proper)


White Rock videos

White Rock part 1

White Rock part 2

White Rock part 3 (runners edition)

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